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What's It All About?

What We Do

FBC sells records (albums, 45s and the occasional 78), CDs and DVDs—both new and used. We also offer music magazines, record supplies (plastic sleeves, Discwasher record cleaners, a few needles, 45 storage boxes, etc.), and a dwindling stock of cassettes. Every so often we have used turntables and other audio gear as well as the odd bit of music memorabilia.

Special orders for CDs, records and DVDs are done at no extra charge.

Gift certificates are available for any amount you choose.

We also buy records, CDs, DVDs, etc. plus any other music-related items of interest. We don’t have specific purchasing hours; if we’re open, we’re buying! See further details of our buying policy below.

We offer appraisal services for estates, insurance, divorce cases, etc.

Our Inventory

The new titles stocked on CD generally are from smaller, independent labels. Through the years we’ve carried and promoted many artists who’ve gone on to major labels and worldwide success. Examples include Devo, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Kid Rock, The Verve Pipe, The White Stripes and Modest Mouse.

The records we stock new include a wide range of current releases and reissues. Used “oldies,” collectibles and new indie band 45s are also part of the offerings.

We have a steady and ever-changing stock of used CDs and vinyl LPs which covers many genres:

Soul & R&B
Rap & Hip Hop
Soundtracks & Cast Recordings
Comedy & Spoken Word
Folk & Country
Reggae & Ska
African & World
Various Artists Compilations
Techno, House, Jungle, Experimental
New Age

DVD video categories include movies, music, comedy & spoken word and TV shows.

The FBC Bargain Bin offers a selection of CDs and DVDs priced at $3.50 each or 4 for $10.00.

Magazines available include Rolling Stone, Spin, Wire, Mojo, XXL, Goldmine, Record Collector, Maximum Rock & Roll, Magnet, NME, Punk Planet et al.

Buying Policy

We essentially buy anything music or movie-related that we think we can sell, and pay proportional to our selling price. We’re available to purchase during all business hours. (People bring items to the store everyday.) If you have more than you can comfortably carry in, just load up your car, drive to the lot behind our building and we’ll come out to your vehicle. House calls are also a possibility should you have more than can be easily transported. (The distance we’ll travel is generally related to the selection and quantity of goods.) If you have any questions regarding items you have, please call, write or e-mail.

What We Are Not

Although FBC is not a mail order business in the sense that we don't have our constantly-changing inventory online, we will take requests and orders by phone/e-mail/letter, and can ship worldwide. We also accept phone queries and can put something that's in stock on hold for pick up. The bulk of our business is done face-to-face with customers who visit the store...you know, the old-school way!

FBC occasionally has items on eBay—seller name FlatBlackAndCirc

We are not a pawn shop or a video rental business.