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The FBC crew: Dick, Jon & Dave

Would you buy a used CD from these guys?


  • Collects local ’60s Michigan records and memorabilia
  • Researches, collects and writes about the earliest recordings
    of popular and hit songs Originals Project
  • Played in the band Mystic Shake
  • Did the occasional blues radio show, filling in for Scott Allman on The
    Capitol City Blues Cruise, Sunday nights 9:00-midnight on WMMQ, 94.9 FM
  • Was a partner in the early ’80s Lansing art-screen movie theater The Odeon,
    which premiered movies by Werner Herzog, Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee, John
    Sayles, the Cohen brothers, Ingmar Bergman, Robert Altman et al.
  • Now operates a record shop in Santa Fe New Mexico The Guy in the Groove


  • Continues his lifelong interest in collecting music and attending concerts
    of all types—rock, jazz, blues, world music, etc.
  • Is a board member and part of the movie selection committee for the annual
    East Lansing Film Festival
  • Says “Music, movies, travel, food and wine continue to rock my world”
  • Was a partner in Bunches Cafe, the early ’80s E. Lansing coffee shop (the
    first in town and the only one with a liquor license) and booked such acts as
    R.E.M., Bad Brains, Gun Club, Flesheaters and The Meatmen


  • Plays in the band Rattling Wall Collective
  • Collects recordings of the song “Caravan” (Juan Tizol/Duke Ellington)
  • Has booked shows and promoted bands around the Lansing area and can be
    motivated to do more if he doesn’t lose too much money!
  • Aquarius, cat lover, likes walks on the beach